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Success In My World

Success in My World

I am proud to share some of the successes of my life…both professional and personal.

How does someone actually measure and declare, “SUCCESS!!” I had a mentor many years ago that taught me to “get real and honest…the best way to measure your success is KNOWING it was good or great! And numbers reveal success most!”

People constantly ask me, “Is there anything you don’t know how to do?”

OF COURSE! So, to balance out this website I will list a few:

  • I don’t help people pack and move
  • I don’t repair or work on my car
  • I don’t paint a home or room inside or out
  • I don’t pull my own teeth

Now…here’s some things that, together with others, I DID do…and did it great!


Texas CASA- Austin and across Texas

  • Increased new volunteers in 16 designated programs 50.51% (combined average)
  • Part of team that increased total statewide increased volunteers from long standing 5% to 8 % in first year and increased 24% in second year.
  • Created social media event for awareness, possible funds development

Mothers Against Drunk Driving S.E.Texas, Houston, TX

  • Increased new volunteer participation regionally over 300%
  • Increased volunteer retention 84%
  • Presented over 50 educational/motivational presentations and trained team of volunteers to present over 120 public information presentations
  • Created Local County based MADD Chapters in all 10 counties served instead of all outreach from one central office.
  • State-wide coordinator of other Volunteer recruiters in all 5 regions
  • Created a sociological survey in conjunction with a local college that became a national tool for insight into drunk driving

CASA of Tarrant Co- Ft. Worth, TX

  • Increased new volunteer participation over 80% per year
  • Development of funds and resources to increase budget by $85,000 additional revenues through the “Silver Lining Campaign”.
  • Various development of funds from individual, multiple events, corporate, and more increasing donations over 200%
  • Assisted Executive Director in establishing largest successful budget in agency’s history
  • Produced and created informational recruitment DVDs for:
    • Basic Info about CASA of Tarrant Co.
    • Outreach and recruitment to the African American community to volunteer-utilized nationally as well
  • Calendared over 400 community presentations and informational sessions over 3 years
  • Co-created independent professional support organization of volunteers called HALO Society for business partnerships and direct support to reuniting and new foster families

Hotels.com- Dallas, TX and nationally

  • Managed team of new business development generating over $24-$30 million additional revenue over 3 years.

Volunteer, Leadership, Service, and Development

Created Successful Business Networking Groups

  • Including groups in Ft. Worth, Hood Co., Parker Co. that generated leads for sales and business development totaling over $15 million.
  • Triangle Networking of Tarrant- created for the business networking of the LGBT community, and aligned, in Tarrant Co. Grew from conception to meetings growing to over 150 membership in the first year.
  • Member of Cowtown Executive Association, helping to generate thousands of dollars in leads and revenue amongst membership.

Theater Off the Square– Weatherford, TX

  • Led drive and presentation to city council that awarded $30,000 a year for 3 years (that was extended) for theater operations under the Main Street Initiative utilizing the local hotel/motel tax revenues
  • Theater is still in operation

Masonic Home & School- Fort Worth, TX

    • Even in my own High School days I was called upon as a speaker and “Ambassador” to speak to groups in the Masonic community and lodges in conjunction with their “Children with a Future” capital campaign. Team generated $12 million in three years for the endowment fund

Eve of the Eve EventHouston, TX

  • Generated over $200,000 in a 2 year period

St. Valentine’s Day Cowboy Sweetheart Ball- Liberty, TX

  • Generated over $6,000

Hats off to Ruta Lee-Fort Worth, TX

  • Generated $112,000

Church Growth- Texas

  • Youth Groups- churches that had 5-10 students involved and then after 1 year I grew church attendance to 40-100+
  • Smaller congregations attendance and membership growth
    • Hardin United Methodist Church from averages of 30 to growth of over 100
    • Millsap United Methodist Church from average of 6-8 to growth of over 75
    • Tuscola Baptist Church from no youth to over 100 at events and programs
  • Church classes and groups
    • Arlington Heights United Methodist Church, Fort Worth, TX
      • C3- College and young adult class- from beginning to over 150 involved
      • SAM- Senior Adult group- from beginning to over 200 served
      • Around the Kitchen Table Class from beginning to over 130 members
      • Summer Volunteer Theater- participation of up to 75 people and public attendance of over 900
      • Gallery Night Art Exhibit- from beginning to over 2800 public attendance
      • LA Posada Christmas Hispanic/Latino Festival- from beginning to over 300 in attendance
    • First United Methodist Church, Missouri City, TX
      • Fun Folks senior adult group- from beginning to over 100 involved
      • Various focused projects to completion including
        • Nativity Crèche
        • Church liturgical presentations and displays

Dave Anderson Phone: 817-521-2386 Address: 3826 Gaines Ct. Austin, TX 78735 DaveAndersonsWorld@gmail.com

Quotes/ Reviews

“Dedication and connection are words that come to mind whenever I think of Dave Anderson. He is never finished and continuously presses on with new ideas. “Settling” isn’t in his vocabulary!” - Jennifer Ogilvie, Director of The Methodist School, Missouri City, Tx

“Dave Anderson is one of the most outgoing, energetic, and generous individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He takes an idea and it ultimately grows into successful connections and events. I am in awe of Dave’s talent and creativity. He truly is a born leader and meant to be on this earth to do good for others.” - Patricia McCarty, Fort Worth, Tx

“I have known Dave Anderson for over 20 years! His care, concern, creativity and attention to detail is exceptional. Everything he commits to he goes over and above expectations. His level of enthusiasm is contagious, his professionalism is bar none and he’s a complete pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with him every chance I get and highly would recommend his services to anyone!” - Gina Marx, Executive Director, Round-Up for Austism, Dallas/Ft. Worth and across Texas

“ I have known Dave for over 10 years. I continue to be amazed at his ability to create a vision and then carry it through to implementation. He is a born leader and is able to not only lead a group, but to make each member of the group feel like they are key to the group’s success. I have volunteered with him on many different things. His attention to detail takes every project “over the top”. There is no one like Dave Anderson!”- Jan Smith, Austin, Tx

“These are the characteristics that describe our friend Dave: cutting edge, innovative, follow-through, fun, detailed, organized, totally involved, ability to reach out to others to encourage them to get involved, heart of gold that cares with everything in him, full of life, and he relates to ALL ages. Dave reached out and encouraged us, and utilized us, as we volunteered with him for MADD. Even our grandsonsdescribe him as fun, caring, energetic, crazy and intense, a great man, funny and happy. We have such trust in him!” - Jeanette and Mike Einkauf, Houston, Tx

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