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Performing Arts

Performing Arts

From early beginnings hearing the music in church, and at gospel singings, to family members taking me to art shows I have always been attracted to all aspects of the performing arts…

And, of course, I have clippings I would love to show you!!


When I was a freshman, in Abilene, TX, at Hardin Simmons University, I bravely walked down the street and fulfilled a longtime desire and dream…I enrolled myself in dance at the Abilene Academy of Dance under the teaching of the phenomenal Nancy Robinson. Being a college student, on my own, I could afford 1 Modern/Jazz class twice a week. Nancy saw something in me that I had not seen. She offered me a deal: clean the studio, mirrors, and answer the phone and I could take any and ALL classes I wanted for free. I then began a new challenge in my broadened journey by adding classes in  Modern/Jazz, and began Ballet, Musical Theater Dance Interpretation, and Asian interpretive. While there I also began teaching private lessons to some. Most memorable were the boys (up to 4 in a class) that didn’t want to be in a dance class with “a bunch of girls”!

          I have utilized that Dance training in several productions when I was choreographer, actor, and sometimes both!



Hardin Simmons University- Abilene, TX andTarleton State University- Stephenville, TX

As a student, I remember the first play I was encouraged to audition for, “Mousetrap” . From there, as we say, “the bug bit”!  While in college I was an Actor, ( leads as well as supporting) , Assistant Director, Prop Master, Producer, and whatever it took to have many successful productions.

Theater Off the Square (TOTS) http://www.theatreoffthesquare.org/

I created TOTS in 1998, when I was living in Parker CO. Texas. Beginning with 6 volunteers I created a Board of Directors, serving as it’s first Executive Director/Producer and together we created a vibrant, successful community theater to serve the community. I created initial fundraising, press, and directed first productions!

Other Community Theater

Summer Stock Theater in various churches- Ft. Worth and Houston, TX

I have led many productions of musicals, and non-musicals, as Director and sometimes choreographer. I coordinated many aspects, and teams, for success of each production.

Abilene Community Theater- (ACT) Abilene, Texas  actor, singer, dancer

Temple Civic Theater- (TCT) Temple, Texas  director, choreographer, special event show producer, actor, dancer. Toured with production of Taming of the Shrew over a year, performing once a month or two at various outdoor festivals.

Other Performing Arts Experience

Miss Texas Local Pageant Production

            Directed the stage production, that the public came to see, when a local community hosted their pageant(s) to crown their representative to go on to compete as Miss Texas, and hopefully Miss America.

Choreographed the opening stage number of the introduction and beginning of the “show”.

Created and managed a performing troupe of singers and dancers that were the “fill-ins” when the contestants needed some time to change or set up for talent presentations.

Various Church/Worship Arts

Actor/presenter utilizing Ken Medema’s“Moses”, and Ragan Courtney’s “The Leper” from “Bright New Wings”.

Playwright, Producer, and/or Director of many productions including “The Women of the Crucifixion” (an all-woman production), seasonal multi-media and large scale productions for Advent/Christmas “Hanging of the Greens”  and“La Posada” presentation based in Mexican/Latino tradition…including live camels and donkey!

Narrator/Presenter for numerous Cantatas, readings, short film, and whenever called upon.

Dave Anderson Phone: 817-521-2386 Address: 3826 Gaines Ct. Austin, TX 78735 DaveAndersonsWorld@gmail.com

Quotes/ Reviews

“I became acquainted with Dave Anderson 20 years ago when he contacted me as he was creating a permanent community theater in Parker County, Tx, that would become Theatre Off the Square”. My husband and I attempted to do this for 30 years to no avail. I was amazed at Dave’s ability to contact the right people, create an advisory board and an effective Board of Directors of which he led. The theater is still alive and well today. Dave has the unequaled ability to bring people together for the good of a common cause, and our community is better for it.” -Marilyn Sanderson, Board Member of Theater Off the Square, Weatherford, Tx

“Dave Anderson brings the enthusiasm and leadership that is needed to make an organization thrive! - Mika Benoit, former CASA colleague, Beaumont, Tx

“Dave has an indisputable desire to make a difference in the community. It’s evident in the hard work he puts into his projects and events. I have encountered and attended so many awesome experiences Dave created and coordinated.” -Erika Small, author, Houston, Tx

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