3826 Gaines Ct. Austin, TX 78735

My Professional World

My Professional World

I am one of those rare people that can honestly say, “I have done everything in my life that I have wanted to do…so I keep coming up with what’s next!” And everything I have done builds a fantastic woven fabric that all contribute to amazing abilities, strengths, and life adventures!

Here is an awesome list of Areas of Expertise that describe my professional success and experience.

  • Adjustment of Status
  • Project Planning/ Execution
  • Staff Development
  • Recruitment/ Retention
  • Financial Plan Development
  • Marketing/Outreach
  • Revenue Goal/Growth
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Business Development
  • Visual Displays
  • Training/ Workshops
  • Operational Infrastructure
  • Dedicated to Mission
  • Long/short Range Goal setting/accomplish
  • Executive Decision making
  • Public Speaking
  • Grant Writing
  • Executive Producer/Director
  • Event Specialist
  • Focused Networking
  • New Funding Research
  • Board Development
  • Connecting
  • Communications
  • Writer/Playwright
  • Motivational Public Presentations
  • Media Relations
  • Public Policy Specialist
  • Neighborhood Activist
  • HR Specialist
  • Amazing Creativity
  • Diversity Focus/ Utilization

If you would like a detailed resume,please contact me

Dave Anderson Phone: 817-521-2386 Address: 3826 Gaines Ct. Austin, TX 78735 DaveAndersonsWorld@gmail.com

Quotes/ Reviews

“Dave is the guy that people are drawn to, with his charisma and outgoing personality. He is a man that exudes integrity, compassion, and drive!” -Brandi Hamilton, Weatherford, Tx

“ I have known Dave for over 15 years, and never once has he disappointed me or let me down! Give Dave a project, or a goal, and he will take it, and you, to places you have never imagined!” -Jennifer Johnson Kirk, Ft. Worth, Tx

“ Dave offers a high level of energy and excitement to his work. His passion is contagious and motivating.” -Patty Pisklak, Executive Director, CASA of West Texas, Midland, Tx

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